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Niacinamide and Chia Seed Under Eye Darkness Remover Gel

For Under-Eye Hydration

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  • Patch test preferred.
  • Slight tingling sense for first few minutes of application is normal due to high herbal concentration.
  • Apply with milk for sensitive skin type. Might not suit extremely sensitive skin types.

The Hade's, "Under Eye Darkness Remover Gel' harnesses the potent qualities of naturally robust ingredients for the complete treatment of dark circles. The Niacinamide, Chia Seed Extract, Coco and Aloe vera content repair any damage the skin has undergone and improves the blood flow to the under-eye. Whilst Almond oil's antioxidant properties smoothen the skin delicately, and Caffeine, the powerhouse ingredient completes the healing process by brightening the under-eyes.

Highlights :

- Fresh product will be made after your order.
- Exclusively hand crafted with no machine interference.
- Ingredients sourced from Western Ghats.

Niacinamide and Chia Seed Under Eye Darkness Remover Gel
Niacinamide and Chia Seed Under Eye Darkness Remover Gel Sale priceRs. 550.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great products

I liked both the products very much - eye cream and face depilation pack, they feel smooth and light on the skin. Only if you could work on your delivery services as that took forever!!


Hii, I want to reorder under eye cream and facial hair depilation pack which I ordered last month. Both of them are great and and making difference in my face , your products are really amazing . Glad I came across your page .
I want to order one more set before previous one finishes soon

Sayantika Pal

I'm using ur dark circle gel and it was very good.

Vanshita Jain

Under Eye Darkness Remover Gel

Riya Gupta

Thanks for the ye cream, fine lines reducing day by day and the skin around my eye is looking healthier. Thank you so much.