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About Us

Products crafted by people.

Made with happiness, skill and care.

At the House of Hade, we create skin and hair care made from plant-based, food grade cold
pressed oils, rare, natural extracts and steam distilled essential oils to boost the overall
effectiveness. In addition to this, all our skin care is free from: parabens, sulphates, SLES/SLS,
artificial preservatives and fragrances.
In a world where so many things are mass produced in automations without a single human
touch, we present to you authentic skin care that is made to order, specially for you.


We are a cruelty free brand against animal testing. We believe true goodness comes without the
harm to any of our stakeholders, The employees, customers, animals and the environment.
All our products are handmade, hand-assembled and beautifully packaged in small artisanal
batches, with each of it’s ingredients being hand-picked, mixed and blended using traditional
methods with the highest quality and purity.

From your resources directly impacting livelihoods of people, to knowing that your product has
been specially hand-crafted for you! With The Hade, you can always look back for trust, longstanding,
luxurious and effective skin and hair care.

Goat Milk Collection 

A universal ingredient with an impactful composition.

Goat milk is a warrior ingredient with Lactic acid, Vitamins A and B2 and Minerals that works for all skin & hair types in both summer and winter!
With a similar pH level to your skin, Goat milk works like magic by enhancing skin without
disrupting its pH balance. It gently exfoliates, hydrates and makes skin resilient to dryness, acne,
eczema and psoriasis.
When it comes to hair, goat milk is extremely effective in repairing dry, damaged and dandruff
prone hair. The ingredient deeply moisturises your scalp and hair, rejuvenating your hair’s health
and shine.

Ayurveda Collection 

Elements of nature, elemental to you.

Surpassing time and age, are the little gifts of nature. Every individual being a constitute of
mental, emotional and physical aspects, can sometimes lose balance and fall into problems
affecting health, hair and skin. Ayurveda recognises what constitutes you, your fundamental
elements and combines them with the elements of nature. To bring back you to yourself, to
svsatha, to balance, to your inner and outer glow.

Facial Treatment Kits

Great skin begins with exceptional skin care!

Treatment facial kits are specially designed facial kits to suit particular skin types and needs. They
combine a skin care routine of scrubbing + face pack + night mask for deep skin healing.
By taking you through the process of:

1. Deep exfoliation: Our face scrubs are specially designed to get rid of any dead skin cell
buildup and impurities that cause specific problems. Scrubbing allows your skin to smoothen
your complexion, to brighten and removes skin aggregators from their entry point on the
surface of the skin.

2. Face packs: The face packs that come as a part of the kit act as a spa treatment for your face.
They unclog pores to quicken the healing of current skin problems and deeply relax the face
to reduce any inflammations and discomfort caused by skin conditions, whilst also magnifying
the effect of your skin care routine and deeply hydrating the skin.

3. Over-night masks: What makes our over-night masks so special is that they can be applied
and left on throughout the night during your skin’s natural repair process, allowing the
ingredients to deeply penetrate into your skin. This enhances not only the skin’s repair process
but also allows your skin to create a natural defence against specific skin problems.

The facial treatment kits are specifically created to solve problems of acne, pigmentation, pimples,
large pores, black & white heads and tanning. Their cutting edge all-natural formulation is hand
made with the best hand-picked ingredients and works by eliminating problems on all three levels
of: entry point, present skin and creating a defence mechanism for the future.