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Protein Hair Mask

For Rebuilding Keratin of your Hair

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  • Patch test preferred.
  • Slight tingling sense for first few minutes of application is normal due to high herbal concentration.
  • Apply with milk for sensitive skin type. Might not suit extremely sensitive skin types.

The Protein Hair Mask is a formulation of earthy ingredients including Shea butter, and oils of Flaxseed, Castor, Coconut that harmoniously work together to rebuild the Keratin of your hair.
Coconut oil restores and strengthens the Keratin structure of your hair. Whereas Castor Oil directly enriches hair with its high concentration of protein, Vitamin E and Omega-6 Fatty acids, whilst Shea butter luxuriously moisturizes your hair.
The mask forms the perfect environment that helps you develop healthy, shiny, strong protein enriched hair.

Highlights :

- Fresh product will be made after your order.
- Exclusively hand crafted with no machine interference.
- Ingredients sourced from Western Ghats.

Protein Hair Mask
Protein Hair Mask Sale priceRs. 500.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
R.Janani Ravichandran
Protein hair mask

Good, but makes hair little rough. Can you please write in brief of how to use it.

Used it just once, but it makes my frizzy and dry hair much more manageable. Loved it.

I used the protein hair mask just once. When I applied, my hair felt more dry and I added more product to no avail. But after leaving it on for 20 mins and washing it off, my hair was much less frizzy and manageable. I think I made the hair look a bit too oiled by using too much product. Loved it!

Vidhi Shah
Loving it

I used hibiscus shampoo , hibiscus conditioner and hair protein mask and my hair's texture and shine has come back to happy with the products