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Permanent Facial Hair Removal Pack - 90Grams

Lightens Thick Facial Hair + Reduces Regrowth Time + Promotes Smooth Skin

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  • Patch test preferred.
  • Slight tingling sense for first few minutes of application is normal due to high herbal concentration.
  • Apply with milk for sensitive skin type. Might not suit extremely sensitive skin types.

This sacred powder is an amalgamation of native flora and fauna with formulas of the ancient science of Ayurveda. The powder works by gently and intuitively slowing down and reducing the amount of facial hair.

Highlights :

- Fresh product will be made after your order.
- Exclusively hand crafted with no machine interference.
- Ingredients sourced from Western Ghats.


Permanent Facial Hair Removal Pack - 90Grams
Permanent Facial Hair Removal Pack - 90Grams Sale priceRs. 999.00 Regular priceRs. 1,290.00


Poolankilangu Treats acne, hyperpigmentation, & aids in removing unwanted hair
Kuppaimeni Powder Helps in combating skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema
Pulukka Pattai Exfoliates dead skin cells & brightens skin tone
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How to Use


* Please patch test if preferred. 
* Slight tingling sense for first few minutes of application is normal due to high herbal concentration. 
* Please use milk if you have sensitive skin, which helps soothe skin. 

* Might not suit some sensitive skin types.

Apply the required amount of Facial Hair Depilation Powder like a face pack on cleansed skin by mixing with Rice Water or Rose Water and rinse off after around 30 mins. Use every day for best results. 

Please note, As there are no chemicals added and has only plant based ingredients it will take around a month or two of consistent usage to start seeing results. 

This Pack will first start working on thin hair and gradually increases the regrowth time. Upon consistent usage it will reduce the thickness of coarse hair, increases the regrowth time and removes it. 

Time taken for results will vary person to person and based on the severity of the issue. Approximately It takes around 1-2 months of consistent usage to start seeing results.

Time taken for thicker hair will be more than the time taken for thin hair.

You can use every day for best results and you can remove unwanted facial hair before starting to use this to see effective changes.

It will not dry out skin when used everyday. However, please check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used and please do a patch test if needed.

Over the time with consistent usage it will visibly reduce the hair growth by 65-85%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1291 reviews
suggested to my friends also😊

Hi I'm using facial hair depletion pack from 1 month It was really superb results

Glow, gone facial hair, acne tooo
I suggested to my friends also


And i think... some of my upperlip hairs are now gone..but only few..
After completing it for 2 months...i will share you my feedback❤️

Sneha Mariya

Hi ....... I have noticed great reduction in thickness of facial hair, thank u so much

Rahina Kauser

Super and best product for permanent hair removal
It also makes the skin brighter✨
After using this pack for more than 4 months, I realised if we remove our facial hair twice a month and apply this pack daily then the results will be super satisfying 😍
We just need to have some patience

I am also using this pack to shape my eyebrows and it's working like a miracle♥️👌
Literally, the results are worth the patience during the process 🙂

It really is a life saver✨.

Hey hade
Thanks is such a small word to describe how grateful I'm.
Your face depilation pack is doing wonders on my skin.
I had been feeling insecured because of my facial hairs for so many years. Your product helped me to get rid of those. It really is a life saver✨.