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The Essence

The Hade is a symbol of honest and powerful self-care that we believe is the crux of beauty

Our products are designed to suit the taste and endless events of the polished cosmopolitan lifestyle. With natural ingredients generous in nutrients, wellness and so much love, we present to you a range that brings the handmade goodness, the luxury, the crème de la crème of skin care and further perfects it. So your skin care regime can easily come with you wherever you walk, with you being the boss of it.  

The roots of our Handmade Goodness

The Hade is a home grown brand from Tamil Nadu that found its humble roots in natural skin care and sharing that passion with the world. Created from a place of zeal, and self care, the founders of The Hade understands the vitality of putting only the authentic, the genuine and the un-adulterated on your skin, hair and face. Our name, ‘The Hade’ is a reflection of our making process and is too derived from the word ‘handmade’, to act as an accurate symbol for what our brand stands for. 

Clean, green, nature-made beauty for better

All of our products are created from a careful selection of natural, approved plant based and milk based ingredients. The ingredients are handpicked to ensure the highest quality, and are then sun-dried and hand-pounded. These form the base and essence of each of our skin care products that are concocted from the combinative use of ancient science of Ayurveda and Modern botanicals. These curated nature-made formulae are time-tested in labs to ensure the highest grade of quality and effectiveness of our products.

Beauty is inclusive, made from an amalgamation of many colours, textures and shapes

We believe in inclusive beauty and skin-care transparency. Our products are for everyone, and do aim to include the treatments for multiple types of skin and hair. We do not believe in fairness campaigns and aim to promote beauty as a concept for all shades. This includes creation of products considering the needs of Indian skin and hair.

Information at your fingertips, so you can choose the best for yourself

Our buyers are more than customers, they are fellow women and men of the world. To keep our relationship with them as authentic and real as possible, we ensure complete transparency by providing the full disclosure of ingredients in our products that are free from: Sulphates, Parabens, Silicons, SLES/SLS and any harm to your body and hair.

 Inspired by you

The Hade is continually inspired by the stories of its customers that form the heart of our brand. Your thoughts, recommendations and feedback continually motivates us to do and create better. The trust endowed upon us by customers who continue supporting us, is treated with great care and responsibility to develop products that are efficient, useful and ethical. At The Hade, we see our happiness and accomplishment in happy customers.