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Article: Five Facial Treatment kits for glowing skin

Five Facial Treatment kits for glowing skin

Five Facial Treatment kits for glowing skin

For glowing, healthy skin, it is important to follow a good skin care regimen. A moisturizer, toner, and cleanser only apply to the skin's surface. Facials are a great option if you want glowing skin from the inside. This multi-step treatment addresses most skin issues and takes care of all your skin needs. There are many options for facials available at salons. While they can help relax your skin, mind, and body, they can also be very expensive.

It is difficult to find the time to care for your skin. Proper care is essential to achieve that glow. Facial kits are a great way to save time and ensure your skin looks healthy.

Facial kits for at-home use have been very popular over the years. You can choose one that suits your skin concerns and then follow the instructions to achieve glowing, healthy skin from the comfort of home. They are affordable and won't break your monthly budget. There are many facial kits on the market, but how can you choose the best one? We can help you with that! We will be sharing our top-rated at-home facial products with you, but we won't stop there!

Before we start, let’s see why you need facial on a regular basis:

Benefits of Facial:

  1. Blood circulation to the face is increased.
  2. Makes skin firm.
  3. Facial skin tightening.
  4. Brightens the skin.
  5. Nourishes skin, pampers the skin.
  6. Gives skin a radiant glow
  7. Refreshes skin.
  8. Removes dead skin cells.
  9. Revitalizes skin.
  10. Removes tan.



What should a good facial kit contain?

These are the essential ingredients of a complete and effective facial kit: 

1. Cleanser.

2. A scrub or exfoliator.

3. Massage cream or massage gel.

4. Face pack

Things to Remember Before You Try Out a Facial Kit at Home

  • A facial kit usually contains a pouch or tube of facial wash, toner, toner, mask, moisturizer, and lastly, a moisturizing or serum cream. Some of these products can cause burning sensations, especially for those with sensitive skin. To avoid any irritation or rash during facial season, I recommend that you do a patch test. It should not cause any irritation or rash in less than 24 hours.
  • You should carefully read the ingredients. You should not use a facial kit containing clove or any other similar ingredient.
  • Follow the instructions and read them carefully. It will not achieve the desired results if you apply massage cream prior to washing your face.
  • Don't buy a facial set just because it is called a gold or diamond facial set. Instead, read the ingredients and learn about the various components. If the ingredients sound promising, you should say yes to that kit.
  • You can get at least two seasons of facials at home if you have an event coming up.
  • Well! Yes, you can do your facial on your own. However, it is best to have someone else do your facial. A step such as a massage is best done by someone else.
  • Last, but not least, rinse off any facial kits immediately if there are irritations or rashes. It is best to consult a dermatologist if the irritation doesn't go away.

Our top-favorite at-home facial products

You now know all about facials and want to pamper your skin with them. Here are some affordable facial kits that are the best in India. Get one now to brighten dull, tired-looking skin. Here are 5 best facial kits in India fro different skin problems: The formula for glowing & healthy skin is at your doorstep now.

  • O3+ Power Brightening Facial Kit

  • This brightening kit improves skin appearance by reducing uneven skin tones. This kit is intended to control uneven skin tone and pigmentation. 

    This kit contains 5 products: 

    Meladerm D–Tan Cleanser 

    Vitamin C bleach

    Tan Removal Serum

    Meladerm Whitening Mask

    Meladerm Whitening Cream


  • VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit:

  • This VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit has been specially prepared using traditional Ayurvedic recipes. It is specifically designed for treatment with the latest scientific production techniques. 

    This kit includes:

    VLCC Oat Meal scrub (5 sachets, 10g each) and Face Scrub
    VLCC Melawhite Gel 5 sachets, x 10g each - Detan Gel
    VLCC Melawhite Powder (5 Sachets x 10g Each) - Detan Powder
    VLCC Pista (5 Sachets x10g each) - Hydrating Facial Massage Oil
    VLCC Melawhite Pack (5 Sachets x 10g Each)- Detan Pack
    Regular use can reduce tan and even out skin tone. It is all-natural and suitable for all skin types.

  • The Hade Anti Acne Treatment Kit:

  • The kit forms the perfect superfood diet, protecting your skin against acne and it’s scars.


    Fresh product will be made after your order.

    Exclusively hand crafted with no machine interference.

    Ingredients sourced from Western Ghats.

    The Anti Acne Kit includes: 

    a Night Mask


    Face Pack 


    Specially formulated with pure cold-pressed oils, aloe-vera, shea butter and few other special ingredients that fight and prevent the constant, irritating skin-teaser, acne. Made with ingredients that naturally tackle the unclogging of pores, protect skin against water loss, improve cell turnover and maintain a healthy balanced skin. 

  • The Hade Pigmentation Corrector Kit
  • The Pigmentation Corrector Kit is a special curation for skin types with prolonged pigmentation issues and pigmentation due to environmental factors.Created by combining pure pressed oils and aloe vera, the Pigmentation Corrector Kit is a skin Re-defining process that even-tones, hydrates and soothes skin. 

               Fresh product will be made after your order.

    Exclusively hand crafted with no machine interference.

    Ingredients sourced from Western Ghats.


    This kit includes:


    The secret combination of a Night Cream + Pack + Scrub creates an arsenal for the pigmentation correction.



  • VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit

  • This is one of India's best facial kits. This kit can be used up to six times. This kit contains 4 pouches, including a face scrub. A face scrub, a skin tightening cream, and a facial pack are all included in this kit.
    This cleanser comes with your favorite face wash. This scrub contains Indian Berberry extract.
    Lime extracts are used in the massage gel. The tightening cream contains wheat extracts, while the face pack includes Geranium extracts.
    The powder form of the face pack is available. Mix it with water until you have a smooth paste. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer.

    Make sure to read all the instructions carefully before you start applying any facial kit. 





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